Intro to Camping in Iligan


Sam 6yo and Jim 2yo are both in Iligan since Monday, April 10 2017. They will be back in Cebu next Saturday. Their mommy is the one giving them activities to make sure that they continue learning. 

Today, they opened the tent and did a pretend play using their toys. Few minutes later an Ice Cream Cart on bicycle passed by and the kids asked for it. They love to eat dirty ice cream since they were very little, because it’s one of the products we are selling here in Cebu. At P1500 per Tube, you can already enjoy eating the machine-processed (no longer the manually-made) Ice Cream and share it to others.

I hope these kids will love exploring nature and visiting the different mountains when they grow up.

Pinoy Ice Cream and Camping

Pinoy Ice Cream and Camping

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