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Interacting with different ages

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SOCIALIZATION In the real world, we interact with people in different age groups. In Sam’s Lego class, he can play with both the grown-ups and toddlers before the class starts.

Jim reading old board books

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This is my 2 year old son Jericho Iden. We love to call him Jim. Like most kids his age, he likes to play with toys and explore a lot. His kuya’s board books are now his. Counting and vocabulary will be part of the training in the coming days.

Seminar on Learning Styles

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Today’s short seminar on homeschooling. Through this, I have decided to go independent homeschooling for my son Sam, rather than go with a homeschool provider or go back to Ateneo.

Pretend play thanks to YouTube

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Influenced by youtube vids, 2-year old Jim likes to “pretend play” a lot. Kids learn a lot from what they see online, good or bad.

Sunday is Family Day

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Sundays are always for the family. Today we went to #SugboMercado in CBP but got a bit disappointed because Lasagne Que is not there. There were still other delicious options though. Then we went to Worlds of Fun in SM.

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