Drainage problem in AS Fortuna

Drainage problem in AS Fortuna

Drainage problem in AS Fortuna

Considered as one of the major problems during rainy days, flooding causes a lot of traffic and possible vehicle problems. 

Yesterday, we parked the car on the side and showed him the flooded area of the AS Fortuna street. Amazed and scared at the same time, he was able to see several jeepneys and motorcycles that were not able to pass the flood successfully. They needed some manpower to help them pass across. 

After 15 minutes, the flood slowly subsided and smaller cars were already able to pass without any problems. 

I explained that the main cause of the flood is the problem of the drainage. Many people don’t know how to segregate their trash and dispose them properly. The plastic containers and plastic bottles were clogging the drainages of the area.

With constant follow-up, he should be able to segregate the trash and dispose them properly very soon. 

This drainage problem is just one of the many problems in our city. I’m spontaneously teaching him different things on how he can help the community. I’m not encouraging him to become a politician but if it’s God’s will then so be it. I’m encouraging him to become a community leader and help in solving the problems of the society.

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