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Train Dad: Independent Homeschooling

Train Dad - Papa na, Titser Pa

Train Dad – Papa na, Titser Pa

Thank you very much for coming to Train Dad. Google, Facebook and other social media applications should be credited for bringing you here. Thank you very much to your friend or relative if they are the ones who referred you to this website.

Train Dad is all about Home Education & Parenting. It is being a parent and an educator (to our own kids) at the same time. It is about learning without borders because we believe that the world is our classroom. We have the freedom what we choose to teach and learn.

Homeschooling is a lifestyle. It is not for everyone. Those are seeing the positive outcomes of home education from others may not have the time to spend with their own kids. They end up bringing their kids to a traditional school and learn the same topics together with his or her classmates.

And yes, Socialization. Homeschoolers are being criticized for the lack of it. In contrast, we see homeschoolers as more friendly, outgoing and a team-player compared to most kids in the traditional school. Actually, it is not really a battle of traditional school vs homeschool. Having a smart, God-loving and friendly kids can be a result of intentional parenting. Take note – intentional parenting. Those parents who have the intention to teach their children the most important things in life will see their child blossom into an asset of the society.

Arranging Tables and Chairs

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Aside from picking up the trays and returning them to the proper places, and cleaning the tables and chairs, the kiddie crews at McDonalds are also taught on how to arrange tables and chairs. Tidiness is a basic life skill that everyone should have. Kids who are trained to arrange things will always want an uncluttered environment when they grow up. Together with discipline and consistent training, kids will learn to help in the household…

Drainage problem in AS Fortuna

Thumbnail - Drainage problem in AS Fortuna Post

Considered as one of the major problems during rainy days, flooding causes a lot of traffic and possible vehicle problems.  Yesterday, we parked the car on the side and showed him the flooded area of the AS Fortuna street. Amazed and scared at the same time, he was able to see several jeepneys and motorcycles that were not able to pass the flood successfully. They needed some manpower to help them pass across.  After 15…

Baby’s Day Out in SM, SnR & Carbon

Thumbnail - Baby’s Day Out in SM, SnR & Carbon Post

2 year old Jim is our explorer son. He loves to learn through images. Bringing him outside the house is a good way to keep him away from electronic gadgets and learn something else. Homeschooling gives us the opportunity to bring our kids outside whenever we like. It doesn’t need a lot of money to enjoy and teach our sons some basic things such as colors and names of objects. We will be doing regular…

First try at Spelunking

Thumbnail - First try at Spelunking Post

The best thing about homeschooling is that you can have your family adventures anytime. In this unplanned visit in the areas of Lahug-Sudlon-Guadalupe, we were able to pass this developed cave along the road. It is where a statue of the Blessed Virgin of Guadalupe is found by a native. They townsfolk believed that the sacred statue continue to protect the area from calamities and dangers.  Developed by a generous family, the cave has become…

Changing Toy Batteries

Thumbnail - Changing Toy Batteries Post

Another important life lesson to teach our kids is to change the batteries of their own toys. Sam was very interested in changing the batteries this time because Ironman is his favorite character. This toy can say several different statements each time the button on its chest is pressed. Without the batteries the toy won’t make any sound. Because he understands that the energy of the speakers inside the toy comes from the batteries, he…

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