Intro to biking without the training wheels

Also known as stabilisers, the training wheels help the child learn the very basics of biking. These training wheels are usually placed at the back of a kiddie bicycle. It helps in maintaining the balance of the bike and let the child maneuver with ease.

Today, marks another milestone for Sam. He was brave enough to tell me to remove the training wheels and start practicing to bike with just the two wheels and balance on his own. Bought by his uncle Ace on his third birthday, Sam’s bicycle has been one of his favorite afternoon leisure. He plays with his older friends who are already good at biking and balancing. Few months ago, we decided to get 1 of the stabilizers to prepare Sam for real bicycling. We put it again after a couple of weeks because we’re scared that he might fall on one side. 

Today, Sam got the nerves to try bicycling without the supporting wheels. We lowered the seat so he can easily step on the ground and removed the two training wheels. I pushed him at first and held his seat to maintain his balance. He was pedaling very fast and found it helpful. After a few tries, for just about 30 minutes, he was already able to do it on his own. He was a natural, probably because of his 3 years experience with the training wheels. Turning is still scary because he doesn’t look at the back but we will be working on the safety rules in the coming days.

Sam biking without training wheels

Sam biking without training wheels

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