Spinning Top using Lego Robotics

Spinning Top using Lego Motors

Spinning Top using Lego Motors

Today’s activity is making a spinning top using Lego blocks. The same motor is used in most of the activities but the designs are being changed to come up with a different function.

I remembered my Computer Interfacing subject in College. We were able to control LED lights, Servo and Stepper Motors and other electronics. The problem with hard-coding in C++ or Turbo Pascal is that you have to find a small error to make it work. A lacking semicolon can become a headache. 

In Sam’s LEGO Explorer class, they have a better programming language. It is visual and the buttons are easy to add and remove. It is a very good way to introduce programming and interfacing to kids. 

The building of LEGO blocks is already an intro to Engineering and this is a good start for him to really know what he really wants when he grows up.

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