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Train Dad: Independent Homeschooling

Train Dad - Papa na, Titser Pa

Train Dad – Papa na, Titser Pa

Thank you very much for coming to Train Dad. Google, Facebook and other social media applications should be credited for bringing you here. Thank you very much to your friend or relative if they are the ones who referred you to this website.

Train Dad is all about Home Education & Parenting. It is being a parent and an educator (to our own kids) at the same time. It is about learning without borders because we believe that the world is our classroom. We have the freedom what we choose to teach and learn.

Homeschooling is a lifestyle. It is not for everyone. Those are seeing the positive outcomes of home education from others may not have the time to spend with their own kids. They end up bringing their kids to a traditional school and learn the same topics together with his or her classmates.

And yes, Socialization. Homeschoolers are being criticized for the lack of it. In contrast, we see homeschoolers as more friendly, outgoing and a team-player compared to most kids in the traditional school. Actually, it is not really a battle of traditional school vs homeschool. Having a smart, God-loving and friendly kids can be a result of intentional parenting. Take note – intentional parenting. Those parents who have the intention to teach their children the most important things in life will see their child blossom into an asset of the society.

Intro to Camping in Iligan

Thumbnail - Intro to Camping in Iligan Post

PLAYING INSIDE THE TENT & ​PINOY SORBETES Sam 6yo and Jim 2yo are both in Iligan since Monday, April 10 2017. They will be back in Cebu next Saturday. Their mommy is the one giving them activities to make sure that they continue learning.  Today, they opened the tent and did a pretend play using their toys. Few minutes later an Ice Cream Cart on bicycle passed by and the kids asked for it. They…

Kiddie Crew at McDonald’s Drive Thru

Thumbnail - Kiddie Crew at McDonald’s Drive Thru Post

Taught to be confident and friendly, Sam together with her partner Angel had a great time at the drive thru area. They pleasantly greeted the customers and gave the food that they ordered.  Customer service is one of the greatest lessons they are learning from this 1-week Kiddie Crew Workshop. Someday they will look back and appreciate the things they learned from this.

Soccer Goalkeeper using LEGO blocks

Thumbnail - Soccer Goalkeeper using LEGO blocks Post

Using LEGO blocks, he was able to build his own Soccer Goalkeeper. Because of the random frequencies or timings of the motor that turns clockwise and counter-clockwise, the Soccer Goalkeeper is able to do random movements. It’s a very good activity for kids who love the sport. The Soccer Goalkeeper using LEGO blocks needs a motor, a swivel LEGO piece and some long pieces to hold the goalkeeper. A plastic ball is also a good…

McDonald’s Kiddie Crew Dance Training

Thumbnail - McDonald’s Kiddie Crew Dance Training Post

One of the best ways to educate kids physically is through dancing. We are blessed to be part of the McDonald’s Kiddie this Summer 2017. Aside from serving food, cleanliness, tidiness and good customer care, McDonald’s crew also teach different dance moves. This 1-week, 2-hours a day training is filled with lots of great ideas. Socialization and working with a team is also encouraged here. Listening to music while working is a great way to…

Feeding a Lion LEGO Robot

Thumbnail - Feeding a Lion LEGO Robot Post

Using LEGO blocks, a LEGO Motor and a proximity sensor, this fun Lion-feeding activity gives the learner an idea on the different ways to make animals move.  When a bone, made out of LEGO blocks and sensor, is placed in front of the Lion, it tilts its arms to eat the bone. The activity still needs polishing to make it perfect but it already gives kids the idea on how to make robots.

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